ANDBON AD-80S Dry Cabinet

Capacity: 80L 
Dimensions: W53.8 x D36.2 x H51.6 (cm) 
Using voltage: 110-220V 
Cabinet with 1 metal drawer that can pull in and out
Power output: 5W/h
Pham Micro humidity control from 25% -60% RH%.--------
AD-80S Humidity Cabinet
Product Model : AD-80S
Capacity : 80 litres
Adapter : Input AC 110-220V
Output: DC 5V 2A
Power consumption : 5W / H
Moisture control range : 25%-60%
RH Moisture control : microcomputer digital control adjustment
Display mode : LED LCD dual display (temperature and humidity)
Optimal Presservation Parameter Table:
50%-60% : Books ,antiques,cultural relic,calligraphy and painting,coin,CD, engineering drawing , Fax paper,printing paper
40%-50% : lens,cameras,videocameras,telescope,microscope,disk,tape,photo,
negative,slide,fiche,audiotape,instrument,oilpainting,stamp,fur, cigarette,tea,coffee,pharmaceutical.
35%-40% Measuring apparatus,electrical appliances,measuring implement,precision mould,semiconductor,Battery,circuit board,electron parts,wafer,IC
25%-35% Reagent sample,filter disc,standard sample,seed,pollen,dry pollen and spice,dessert,dry food,

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