ANDBON AB-21C Dry Cabinet

ANDBON 21L dry cabinet protects your lenses, photographic and optical equipment, mobile electronics, and other valuable accessories from excessive moisture, dirt, and dust with ANDBON Dry cabinet / dehumidifier.
It adopts the latest TE Cooling wafer design, Moisture will be condensed and frosted immediately on a collecting board, the frost on the collecting board defreezes to water.
Which is absored and given off naturally when flowing through guide holes, thus achieving dehumidification effect.
Item Name: 21L dslr camera cabinet dry age cabinet for kamera
AB-21CAB-21CItem No.: DS-55S
Function: Reduce and maintain the humidity
Display: LCD Pocket
Capacity: 21L dry cabinet
Size: 350*260*250mm
Packing Size: 415*315*320mm
Power: <8W
Application Voltage: AC100-240V / DC 5V 2A
Shelf No.: 0
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